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Player Selection Policy (Eff 1/21)

Player Selection Policy 

Taylor Area Baseball Softball 


The below guidelines were made effective January 1st 2021 by a league member vote. Taylor Area Baseball Softball strives to be consistent but fair regarding decisions affecting participants and volunteers.  This policy defines the League’s policy regarding league location and player selection.    

Program Selection Guidelines 




3 – 6


7 – 8


9 – 10


11 – 12


13 - 14

Requests to play up or down a division must be submitted to the Local League in writing and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Player Selection 

Conventional Draft

  • Returning players are drafted to the same team when Head coach remains the same as previous season, if playing in the same division as the previous season . If a coach falls to return all players are returned to the draft.

  • New players are drafted with picks determined by draft choice 

  • Draft choice is based on team standing from the preceding Spring Season 

  •  All players are drafted by random selection by the player agent
  • Players may be drafted by age to meet team make-up requirements by division 

  • Coaches shall not be allowed to view  registration beforehand

  • Head Coaches are allowed to select two(2) Assistants prior to the season they would like.

  • League President shall have no involvement in roster creation in order to remain neutral on issues and addressing concerns

  • School District Draft  

  • Team rosters, may be filled based on a participant’s school district, e.g., participants enrolled in Thrall I.S.D. may pool participants into a team . Head Coach and Assistants must reside within the ISD in order for the ISD team's to be created. 

  • A team must include a minimum of seven participants from the school district 

  • All players from the ISD must be represented on ISD roster

  • If a team cannot fill a complete roster, the remaining roster spots are filled by draft 

Taylor Area Baseball Softball utilizes these methods to achieve the following: 

  • Prevent one or a few teams from dominating in a division 

  • Encourage team participation and sportsmanship 

  • Efficiently utilize volunteers in the League 

  • Arrange practices that fit parent/guardian work or transportation schedules  

Local League Selection Rules:

Player and Coaches requests are NOT GUARANTEED and have no requirement to be accepted.


Coaches may trade players to accommodate scheduling or player requests with Board and Coach approval. Coaches may also choose to honor a parent / guardian request for their player to be drafted to that Coach’s but will forfeit a draft selection for each granted request


Coaches may draft their children in any of the draft methods above by following the Little League guidance at the link above for Manager and Coach options. The same link also provides guidance on how Coaches may draft siblings. 


The number of teams in each division is based on the number of players registered. The minimum number of players per team is nine. The League will make every effort to assign twelve players to a team, but it may be necessary to create rosters as small as nine players to accommodate more teams. 


Draft Choice 


  • Draft Selection   

  • Draft selection in a Conventional Draft is assigned based on Team Score as defined below 

  • Lowest score gets the first pick 

  • Next lowest gets the next pick and so on, with the highest score getting the last pick 

  • Draft selection in a Total Redraft or Blind Draft is based on random selection 

  • Numbers are put in a hat to account for each team in the draft 

  • Coaches draw a number to determine their draft order 

  • All draft rounds follow the same draft order 

  • The draft will continue until all players have been drafted 

  • Team Score 

  • Scores are totaled from the Skills Assessment  

  • A score is assigned to each returning player for experience according to the following table 



Coach Pitch









  • Player Score is Experience Score plus Skills Assessment score 

  • Team Score is the total of all Player Scores 


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